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\item สามารถดูคิวว่างของร้านเสริมสวยได้
\item สามารถดูข้อมูลต่างๆของร้านเสริมสวยได้
\item สามารถดูตำแหน่งของทางร้านได้
\item สามารถดูผลงานของร้านได้
\item สามารถเขียนรีวิว ติชม ได้
Beauty is popular and is a business that has been popular with many customers today. Usually when customers want to use the service, will come to the shop without an appointment. The problem is that the shop has customers who use the service at that time, causing those who enter without an appointment to wait in the queue. Or if there are many customers waiting to receive the service, may cause to use the service on another day instead Even in some cases where users call to inquire to reserve a queue in advance But the technician was not comfortable to answer the phone because he was serving other customers Therefore, the developer has the idea to create a salon queue reservation system. To help manage the said problem This system was developed with the React framework, material ui, nodejs and MySql. The system allows customers to reserve a queue. See the salon queue. Find a store location See general information of the store And can write a review In the part of the store owner Can add general information of the shop And can manage the beauty salon queue reservations The queue reservation system supports display on Smart Phon devices and web browsers. The developed system will help facilitate advance appointments. Reduce user waiting And helps to make queue reservations more organized.
Today hair salons are a popular business with many customers. Usually, customers will go to the shop without any appointment, that can cause problems and long queues if there are many other customers at the same time. The newcomers have to wait or come back another day instead. Occasionally, customers can call for an appointment but hairdressers are not comfortable with this due to other customers present in the shop and waiting.
Therefore, we have the idea of developing a beauty salon Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management System to help manage the aforementioned problem. The system was developed with React framework, Material UI, NodeJS, and MySQL. The application allows customers to make appointments, inspect the available salons Queue, search for salons locations, look for salon’s general information, and write reviews. For salon owners, they can add the salon general information, and manage Appointment Scheduling. The Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management System supports display on both smartphones and web browsers.
This system facilitates customers appointments, reduces customer waiting time, and helps to make reservations more organized.
Keywords: Web Application,Beauty salon queue reservation system
Keywords: Web application, Beauty Salon Queue Reservation System
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